Spring 2021
  • One Year Later: Road to Recovery
  • Herd Immunity, Masks, and Your Lungs
  • Don’t Wait to Lose Weight
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Winter 2021
  • Maintain Diabetes Care
  • Call the Midwife
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
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Fall 2020
  • A Joint Effort
  • Influenza 101
  • Can You Believe What You Read?
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Winter 2020
  • Living with Health and Hope
  • Your Body’s Night Shift
  • The Problem With Puberty
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Fall 2019
  • Look on the Bright Side
  • Your Kids and Social Media
  • Do You Know Your Cancer Risk?
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Summer 2019
  • Sun, Shades, and Safety
  • The Phases of Women’s Health
  • Go Out, Get Happy, Stay Healthy
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Spring 2019
  • The Family Balancing Act
  • How Much Sugar Is Too Much?
  • Overcoming Mom Guilt
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Holiday 2017
  • Grace Notes: Music's Ability to Restore the Mind and Body
  • Weighing in on Diet Falsehoods
  • Planning the Perfect Winter Getaway
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Cancer Report
  • 2016 Cancer Report
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Fall 2017
  • Amy Grant, The Grammy-Winning Singer on the Importance of Presence and Perseverance
  • Telling Fact from Fiction: Making the Most of the Controversial Show 13 Reasons Why
  • The Benefits of Scaling Back and Simplifying
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Special Edition 2017
  • Making Peace with Modern Stress
  • Coping with Loss
  • The Road to Reinvention
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Spring 2017
  • Alleviating Inflammation with Healthy Foods
  • Coping with Guilt
  • Celebrating Life: Olympian Scott Hamilton on Overcoming Adversity
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Winter 2017
  • Midlife Crisis or Depression?
  • Safe & Sound Pregnancy Surroundings
  • The Diet-Colorectal Cancer Connection
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Holiday 2018
  • The Perks of Positivity
  • Clean Phone, Healthy Phone
  • You Feel How You Eat
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Spring 2018
  • 6 Tips for a Baby-safe Nursery
  • When You're Worried About Worrying 
  • ER or Urgent Care?
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Summer 2018
  • Take a Tech Time-out
  • Sum-Sum-Summertime Safety
  • Eat with the Seasons
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  • Your Local Fall Harvest Guide
  • The School-Life Juggle
  • Roomful of Secrets
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Winter 2018
  • Our Community's Health: Eau Claire and Chippewa counties get a wellness exam
  • What Is a Frugal Philanthropist?
  • How Mindfulness Can Help Break the Cycle of Substance Abuse
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Fall 2016
  • Perfect Position, Better Sleep
  • Checkups at Every Age
  • Remixing Comfort Foods
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Holiday 2016
  • Comfort and Joy Through the Holidays
  • 5 Tips to Build a Home Gym
  • Flu Vaccine: Don’t Spray It
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Spring 2016
  • Aging Gracefully
  • Goodbye to Guilt
  • Talking with Your Teenager
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Winter 2016
  • Living Without Limits
  • Let Your Inner Light Shine
  • Controlling Chronic Conditions
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Community Benefits Report
  • Walking Our Talk
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Community Benefits Report
  • Walking Our Talk
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Holiday 2015
  • Happy, Healthy Holidays
  • Raise Your Glass, Of H2O
  • Pressure to be Perfect
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Winter 2015
  • Beyond the Numbers: Healthier lifestyles to avoid chronic disease
  • Time-Honored Traditions: Adopt new habits rooted in the past
  • Social Media Separation: Disconnect from the device, reconnect with family
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Fall 2015
  • The Hemingway Curse:
    Mariel talks about family, suicide and mental illness
  • Organize your home Organize your life
  • Pregnancy Glow How to be a
    healthy, strong, active mom-to-be
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Summer 2015
  • Balancing Act: Check Your Ears
  • Moody Teenager or Mental Health? Learn When to Ask for Help
  • Grow, Eat, Enjoy: Produce Your Own Veggies
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Spring 2015
  • Spiritual Solace: Listening to Those at the End of Their Journey
  • Spring Clean Your Kitchen: Throwing Out Foods Past Their Prime
  • 3 Steps to Connect People: With the Help They Need
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Holiday 2014
  • Merry & Bright: Celebrate Safely This Holiday Season
  • Gluten-Free, the Way to Be? Celiac disease questions answered
  • Your 2015 Checklist: Resolve to become a healthier you!
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Winter 2014
  • How a Positive State of Mind Leads to a Healthy Heart
  • Money and Marriage: Finding Your Stability
  • He Loses, She Doesn't: The Gender Weight Loss Connection
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Fall 2014
  • Fill Up Your Calendar
  • Rethink Family Dinnertime
  • Clearing Your Head
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Summer 2014
  • Better Health in 5 Minutes
  • Summer of Fun Essentials
  • Kids in the Kitchen
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Spring 2014
  • Phase Out Sugar, Not Fun
  • Under the Weather, Over the Counter
  • Serious Spring Clean
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Holiday 2013
  • Rest Your Body and Soul This Holiday Season
  • Outsmart Your Smartphone: Need a Guesswork-free Gadget?
  • Making Merry Memories To Last a Lifetime
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Fall 2013
  • Going the Distance
  • Set Your Mind at Ease
  • Next-Level Hand Washing
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Summer 2013
  • Rethink Sports Drinks
  • A Hopeful Heart
  • Get Up and Go
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March/April 2013
  • Paws and Effect The Benefits of Pet Adoption
  • A Message of Hope Uniting Caregivers in the Community
  • Spring Cleaning Changing the focus to your health
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January/February 2013

• Transform In 2013: Putting The Tools In Your Hands

• Protect Your Skin This Season: Common Mistakes to Avoid

• Risky Business: Stay a Step Ahead of Metabolic Syndrome, Hearts Disease, and Stroke


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Holiday 2012
  • Family Matters
  • Immunity Now
  • Special Christmas Issue
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September/October 2012
  • Living With a Chronic Disease: Managing Conditions and Moving Forward
  • Meditation 101: The Benefits of Quiet Reflection
  • How to Help Your Kids Handle a Bully
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